Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Story: The Library

This beautiful story has been send to Me by Ysllove, after an excellent play. Such a talent and such a dirty dirty mind... Good girl!

I'm sitting at a desk in the library reading a book (around closing hour when there’s almost nobody)
I’m wearing a pencil skirt cause ‘my lover’ requested that. suddenly i feel hands running up my calves.

I keep reading, trying to concentrate. Which becomes harder when I feel that she hiked my skirt higher. I’m sure she can see the wet spot on my panties. Breathing becomes harder when i feel her mouth for a second on that wet spot before her finger pull down my panties. I know she has a grin on her face now, seeing me sitting like that.

I gave up reading a long time ago and when she grabs my ass and pulls me closer to her mouth, I’m lost. Slowly she starts to lick. I open my legs more and when I do so she slides two fingers in me.
Finger fucking me faster and faster. When I’m almost coming, she stops. I don’t have time to protest cause immidiatly she stands behind me, bending me over the desk, on top of my books.

She pushes my skirt up and grinds against my ass. She is wearing her strap-on.
I hear her zipper opening and suddenly I feel the strap-on sliding in me. I can’t help but moan.
But we can’t attract any public, so she holds her hand against my mouth while she starts fucking me harder and harder.

Every time she slides back in she hits that special spot and I know I won’t last long.
And when I feel her other hand rubbing my clit I’m lost.
My legs start shaking and I bite her hand to stop myself from screaming. She keeps fuckinng me through my orgasm until she eventually falls exhausted on top of me. It seems like an eternity that we lay there. She kisses my brow when she pulls herself from me, tucking the strap-on in her pants again and leaving me half naked on the desk with my panties around my ankles and my skirt hicked up.

I cannot move, but when I hear footsteps coming closer, I awake from my limbo, pull my panties up and pull my pencil skirt back in place. A man comes around the corner.
“We’re closing.” he says. I place the books away and grab my bag.
While walking outside i still feel my wetness drip down my tights.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Femdom never rests: Jerk Off Instructions

A Mistress job is never done. In the past year a lot of boys and "men" have been requesting My attention, yet My time is not infinite. For the most urgent needs, I have ordered the development of a new blog: Jerk Off Instructions. This is not a corporate site, but one of My many beloved projects to improve the world of the submissive male.

You know you have longed for your daily dose of jerk off instructions, haven't you, boy? Now, you have My permission to indulge yourself in your most basic desires...

What are you waiting for, ungrateful wimp? Visit Jerk Off Instruction NOW !!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wishing you all the best in 2012...

and hoping all your dark dreams and deepest desires may come true.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slaves on Sunday: "how lucky i am that you even acknowledge my presence, Mistress"

Each day I receive beautiful words of worship and need from all over the globe, private and public. At the end of every week, the most remarkable public comments are re-published, for everyone to enjoy and inspire.

Mrs Cassandra is learning me the ropes of male submission. Her superiority is so obvious, She has taken over my complete life. Mrs Cassandra controls my body and soul. i've accepted the fact that my sole purpose in life is to serve Women,without regarding my own needs. The production of my slave seed is under Her control.my life has never been so exciting. Thank You, Mrs Cassandra - snails
What a trully great honour it is to serve Mistress Cassandra. She never ceases to amaze me. On so many levels..- aterranosa
My first contact with Mistress Cassandra was very special, She told me the difference between being a boy and a man. She is a very strong woman, I am greatfull she started to talk with me. i think with her as my Mistress and teacher, we will find a place for me in this world, right under her feet! But she is caring, strong, and will to show boys how they should act. Within the first 10 mins you got me acting how a boy should act, Thanks so much, I want to serve you like a good boy should. Tahnks again for talking with me Mistress. - regina_man
Mistress You are unbelievable. i am so grateful to granted to learn from You and to receive the wisdom You have mastered. Each time I am allowed to talk to You is a revelation. i am still learning to have an open mind for new ideas and conceptions about myself. So much of grace and affection You have, Mistress. it is an honor to serve and learn .. if you would let a deep bow from me for You ..  - aterranosa
You are a Mistress and a Goddess, and nothing is compared to being given your star...Truly an amazing woman, a role model and a guide trough my life.. I am happy to belong to You Mistress..  - BBall7
dear Mistress Cassandra, i can't stop thinking about you. is there any way we can chat some time soon? i know how lucky i am that you even acknowledge my presence, but i know i can benefit from more of your amazing direction. you are so wonderful. i want to go even further in my sissy training. i want it so bad, Mistress Cassandra. SO BAD. i want nothing more than to receive more of your guidance and instruction so i can become the true sissy cuckold little slut i know i can be. please help me with this, Mistress Cassandra. please. you are the only one that knows me better than i know myself. thank you for your time, Mistress Cassandra. - haywils

mrs Cassandra is a very interesting and seems to rule as a miss, which can be systematized to tame even the most spirit, and who will know how they should be treated according to the nature of individual neukrotivoj ... the only one who can to try to tame the savage attack zvjerskog organism that has the power planiske wild river and want to be tamed ... It turns dominance and power that seizes and binds, clutching the entire body except for one part of the iron chain, from which I do not want to go .....  - elcaro7654 with the help of Google Translate

Hi Mistress please let me cum I have not done so in more than 3 weeks I need it so badly my balls hurt from all the cum stored in then you are the keeper of my cum and I can't describe how much I need it you are my goddess my cum holder my mistress my divine my lord my sun my life I would do anything for you to ease the burn I have in ny sissy balls please please please please - SissySlutboy

Pleaseeeeree Mistress I will do anything for this cum I'm on my knees begging drooling with need to cum pleaseeeeee I can't hold it much longer pleaseeeeee you own my release can't do it without your permission have mercy pleaseeeeee - SissySlutboy nine minutes later

Two fingers in my ass as you would do me cum running I'm so close you are the keeper of my. Cum my one and only goddess I beg you - SissySlutboy three minutes later....